Bible Gateway
I use this site regularly to look up Bible scriptures from different versions of the Bible (e.g. New International Version of Amplified Version etc). It also has a valuable ‘Word Lookup’ feature that enables you to find all occurrences of a particular word or phrase in the Bible. This  site is a valuable resource in helping you to be more fruitful in your study of God’s word.

Creflo Dollar Ministries
I have benefitted greatly from the preaching and teaching of Creflo Dollar. From this site, you can either watch or listen to some excellent teaching on a number of topics. His messages go deep into the word of God, and help you to understand the Bible in ways you may not have before.

Joel Osteen Ministries
Joel Osteen is recognised as a dynamic and visionary Christian leader. He follows in the footsteps of his father John Osteen. Click on this link and read the motivating story of how Joel took over as Senior Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston after the death of his father. You can also hear practical and easy-to-understand preaching that will make a positive impact on your life.

Leading the Way
This is the ministry of Dr. Michael Youseff. I listen to his radio program during the evenings. He teaches a godly perspective on real life issues in a practical and enjoyable way.  Go to this page for some very good resources.

Living on the edge
Another radio ministry which I enjoy. What I most enjoy about Chip Ingram is that he shares his own experiences – even his own shortcomings of the past. This trait is not very common among ministers, but I believe more of this kind of “down to earth” teaching/preaching is needed.

Benny Hinn Ministries
Benny Hinn is a powerful servant of God who I respect alot! The move of God’s Spirit at his crusades continues to amaze me. Check out this site for sure…plenty of good teaching and…!

T.D. Jakes Ministries
T.D. Jakes is a really blessed man of God, with a special calling for deliverance and healing. This world renoun preacher and teacher has authored many best selling books, most notably “Woman Thou art Loosed”. I can also tell you that he leads an amazing choir…amazing! Go to the website to find out more!

Charles Stanley Ministries
Charles Stanley has a wonderful ministry focusing on the teaching of God’s love and Word in a very practical and simple way. At this web site are archives of his radio and television broadcasts, daily devotionals, interesting articles, and fine teaching….great stuff!!!

Focus on the Family
This provides valuable information and guidance on family issues from a Christian perspective. Whether you are single / married, Christian or not, there is something great on this site for you!

Insight for Living
I listen to ‘Insight for Living’ every morning on radio. Dr. Chuck Swindoll teaches the word of God in a very practical way and thought provoking way. Find out more about how the ministry is touching lives all over the world, and access some great resources on the site.

Through the Bible Ministries
This ministry is a real blessing to me. It was founded by the late Dr. J. Vernon Mc Gee. He passed on over 10 years ago, but his work – especially on radio – continues to help thousands around the world. Dr. McGee’s teaching is easy to understand, and very enjoyable.
The is the ministry of Tommy and Jeannie Tenney. Tommy has recently written a book called ‘The God Chasers’, which is one of the best  I have ever read. In it Tommy explores how we can, and should hunger after a higher level of intimacy with God. It’s honest, passionate, challenging and biblically-based. In the first chapter, you will read about one of Tommy amazing experiences as he literally chased after the ‘manifest presence of God’…and found it! This book can change your life…if you let it. Get it at any good Christian bookstore.

God Christian Channel
Europe’s first daily Christian television,GOD Christian Channel is a new breed of Christian TV providing alternative family viewing that is both educational and enjoyable,check it out!

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
Morris Cerullo is a mighty man of God who has been ministering the Word of God all arond the world for over 40 years. Get over to the site of this powerful apostle and prophet!