The following is the first of two poems written by a Michael P. Johnson. They were sent to us by his loving wife! He has written many poems, and I’m sure his work will be a blessing to you. He is truly gifted.

Upon The wind I long to soar
Above the clouded sky
I’d love to fly through Heaven’s door
And live with Christ on high

But for this mortal cage of clay
This jail of flesh and bone
I’d be at home with Christ today
And feel no more alone

But man is far from being free
So long as Satan rules
Till disobedience bows it’s knee
And dies the death of fools

Till then man’s cursed to walk the earth
To toil through which to eat
To suffer pain whilst giving birth
And suffer sin’s defeat

But praise The Lord who gave me breath
Who loved me whilst in shame
Who freed from sickness even death
And gave a brand new name

So now I know one day I’ll fly
I’ll soar as none before
I also know I’ll never die
When time becomes no more

But for this flesh and bone right now
I’d fly till high above
At Jesus’ feet I’d humbly bow
And sing my song of love

But still one thing I understand
One thing I’ve learned whilst here
Since all is in my Saviour’s hand
I’ve nothing more to fear.

Michael P. Johnson