This web page was started in 1999, about 2 years after I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. It was born out of a desire I had – and still have – to spread the good news of Jesus Christ on the Internet. I  believe with all my heart that the Lord gave me the desire to start this project. I remember the day clearly. I found myself jotting down a few ideas in a notepad….and it grew from there! Over the years the page has provided me with an opportunity to share with you what knowledge and wisdom I have gained from the Bible, and my own personal experiences.

The page’s content consists of a mix of articles I have written, as well as interesting and information I have gathered from other sources. Another important aspect of the page is to provide you with the option of sending in your prayer requests. I consider it a privilege to get your requests, to pray over them and respond. Since 1999 I have had the pleasure of interacting with people from all over the world…places including the United States, U.K., South Africa and even Singapore.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord, my sincere hope and prayer is that something you read on this page will help you – even in a small way – to make a decision to live for Him. This is my dream, that this web page will have an impact in your life. God loves you and is interested in all aspects of your life, not only what happens to you after you die, but every living, breathing moment of your everyday existence – health, finances, family life, relationships…everything! That’s why living for Him is indeed the best life! To you who are already believers in Christ as I am, I hope that the various articles and features of this page will provide you with insight and encouragement for your journey with God.

The vision that I have for this page is that it will be a tool that the Holy Spirit uses to further the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that it will grow and grow…even after I am gone.
May the Lord bless you!