Often in life, or at least sometimes we have all faced difficult circumstances and situations. In the midst of them sometimes we may feel like giving up or believe there is no way out. I myself, as I have written this article have been facing BIG tests of my own faith recently. However in the midst of them, I believe the Lord has shared the following seven principles with me – to share with you. I have at various stages had to live these 7 principles….they are reality, and they work!
I would like to encourage you through this writing, never to give up, no matter where you are right now. God is in full control, and He loves you….very much. I pray and hope that what you are about to read will bless and help you in some way.

#1 – Remind God of His Promises

#2 – Be honest / real with God in prayer

#3 – Stand for what you believe in

#4 – Rest in the Lord

#5 – Pray, and give thanks and praise to God, despite the situation

#6 – Use what you have

#7 – Believe for the impossible